Wannabe gangsta fails with AK47!

He went from Hardcore Gangster to scared lil white teenager in a second!

Many people love keeping guns at home and when you have guns at home you know that you can never be safe around it. Parents think that they have kept the gun in the safest vault in the world but what they don’t know that the brain of their child works 10 times greater in works like these than what they can possibly think of. There have been numerous cases where a gun has been accidentally used and one or other members of the family got killed while mishandling a weapon.

When this kid got a hold of his dad’s AK-47 he didn’t know what he could do while he was alone with his friend. So he covered his face with a bandana and got his friend to record his achievement. The wannabe kid went all gangster in the introduction explaining the power of the bay boy he was holding up in his hand but it was obvious that he had no clue whatsoever this gun was actually capable of till the time he fired a round out of it and that too by mistake. Lord knows what would have happened if he were pointing that gun at his friend. It was now safe to remember God after he had gone all nuts with the gun .