Train destroy truck at the railroad crossing

If this doesn’t put you off going through a red light I don’t know what will…

Footage of an accident that shocked Czech Republic last summer has emerged, showing a train colliding with a truck while doing 88mph.

You don’t need us to explain how unbelievably stupid it is to pass a rail crossing that flashes red warning lights and plays an acoustic signal. This is exactly what happened on July 22, 2015 in the Czech Republic, when a truck driver ignored all the warnings and drove over the tracks when he was trapped between the falling gates.

Instead of ramming through the gate (as it is advised to do in these situations), the truck driver moved his truck a few meters ahead to avoid a direct impact to the cab, with the trailer which was carrying aluminum sheets remaining over the tracks.

Seconds later, the train hits the trailer with immense force, destroying it completely along with the truck’s chassis, leaving the cab almost intact. The train was approaching the crossing at a speed of 160km/h (99mph) with the train driver pulling the emergency brake, slowing the speed of impact to 142km/h (88mph).

The debris of the crash reached the Studénka railway station, about 500 meters from the rail crossing, causing major damage to one of its platforms.

Three passengers died and seventeen others were injured. The train driver lost his leg and suffered further serious injuries from the aluminum sheets that smashed through the first wagon of the train and into the passenger compartment.

The truck driver walked away completely unharmed from the scene and was detained by the Czech police, facing charges of five to ten years in prison for public endangerment.