Trapped Snake Thanks It’s Rescuers With A Surprise!

The teens were stunned at the unusual find

Two teenage boys who thought they were doing a good deed by freeing a trapped snake from some netting were in for a nasty surprise.

The boys were left gobsmacked when the snake they had just cut free started to regurgitate a large dead frog right in front of them.

Footage of the rescue effort, which goes for almost five minutes and was uploaded online, shows one of the boys struggling to cut through a green net which the snake had managed to get caught in.

His friend, who is also believed to have filmed the rescue, held down the snake’s head using a small stick.

The boys initially struggled to cut through the net with a seemingly blunt knife while the distressed snake became increasingly more aggressive.

By the time they do cut through the netting the snake is frozen with its mouth wide open leaving the boys thinking they’ve ‘broken its jaw’.

But then something strange starts to happen, with one of the boys exclaiming ‘What is that? It’s a f***ing mouse. He’s spitting out a mouse.’

‘That’s not a mouse, it’s an octopus,’ his friend laughs.

Then the boys can be heard screaming out in disbelief. ‘It’s a fat a**… Oh my God are you f***ing kidding me – it’s a frog.’

The footage shows the frog lying on the ground as the snake, which is almost the same length as its prey, wriggles away.