US Soldiers Make Real ‘Predator’ Machine Gun Pack

Is your old bolt-action rifle too slow to reload?

Is the AR15’s 30-round magazine just plain boring? Well, the Ironman Ammo Assault Pack may just be the accessory for your belt-fed weapon.

Shooting is great, but reloading the gun can be slow and tedious. Why not make a backpack to hold 500 to 800 rounds of ammunition?

The Ironman Assault Pack does just that. This ammunition feed system holds 500 to 800 rounds of 7.62 NATO ammunition. It will work with the MK48, M240, and M60 belt-fed weapons systems.

This backpack of mayhem is best used when reloading is just plain impractical. Light them up boys, then watch those red hot barrels glow like light sticks.