Wolfpack attack on omega wolf!

The weak get culled. That’s nature.

 Just like humans, wolves also have a pack in which there is a hierarchy, they’re as cool as humans, you see. An omega wolf is the one that occupies the lowest position in the pack. Similarly wolves here in this video seem to be bullying the poor lone wolf as well. The all circle him while he barks at them in self defense. One of the wolves, probably the leader, plunges at him, the rest following; they pin the poor omega wolf to the ground and bite and scratch at him. All the other wolves from around the forest, looking at the opportunity come running to attack as the poor wolf squeals and barks in misery. The rest of the pack starts howling eerily as they continue bullying him, the poor omega wolf is doing all he could in his defense, but he has no luck in front of the other big wolves. As well all know how the world works; the powerful always wins.