Woman Discovers Fiance Beating Her Dogs

I’d like to do that to him ! What a jerk!

I was shocked when I learned what this man did to his fiancee’s dogs! It’s a disturbing story but important that it be shared. A woman in Rio de Janeiro became suspicious when she noticed her beloved French Bulldogs, Gucci and Victoria, had unexplained injuries.
Unable to determine how her dogs were getting hurt, 26-year-old Ninna Mandin decided to install a hidden camera inside her apartment. To her horror, she discovered that her boyfriend was brutally hitting her dogs for no reason.

In the video footage, the man is crouched on the floor next to the dog hiding under a chair. It’s not clear what he’s doing to the dog, but he suddenly grabs the dog around her neck and violently throws the dog to the ground.

Later, the man is seen headbutting one of the dogs, dropping her on the floor and dangling her from a rear leg before dropping her to the ground again. He’s then seen mopping up her urine from the floor.

Upon seeing the video footage, Ninna cancelled their planned wedding and published the disturbing videos to Facebook as a warning to others. She posted the videos with a message describing her shock, anger and remorse (translated loosely from Portuguese):
“That the person I welcomed into my house, with all the love and affection, was able to commit the atrocities you are about to watch! I do not have words to describe such cowardice with beings [her dogs] so pure and helpless and that never did wrong. The only feeling I have is remorse of not having noticed before in order to spare them.”