Woman Drags Officer With Her Car While Trying To Escape!

How to turn a simple shoplifting charge into a felony.

Footage taken on a police officer’s body camera captures the moment an alleged shoplifter drove off while he was holding onto her car door in South Carolina.

Lyman police told WSPA the officer had been attempting to detain the woman as she matched the description of a suspect who shoplifted from the Dollar General store on Charlotte Highway. But when the officer asked the suspect, identified as Kristina Marcy, to get out of her car she became flustered.

In the video, the woman can be seen adjusting her seat before driving off and dragging the officer along with her. The officer then tumbles to the ground and can be heard gasping in pain. The officer suffered minor injuries, according to WSPA.

WSPA reports that a short time later, the suspect’s car was spotted by Spartanburg County Deputies who chased her northbound on I-85. Police say she was then chased to Exit 90 in Gaffney where she crashed and was arrested. Marcy was taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.