Woman Loses Her Sh*t When Her Son Hit Car

Someone call child protective services

By Author: “Her son accidentally dings my car. After I inform her of what had happened and request insurance info, she proceeds to verbally assault my wife and I in front of her two kids and my boy. Camaro has no plates yet, otherwise we would’ve been long gone. Had to wait for the police to arrive before we could exchange info. Le sigh!

I’d like to start by clearing up some questions that were brought up by you. The BIG question being….How does the story end?!! Unfortunately, the story is very, anticlimactic. Shortly after this video ends, my phone runs out of memory.

Once the cops arrived, they did their job and got me the information I needed to file a claim in case there were any surprises at the Autobody shop. They were not interested in viewing my video or listening to my witness even after I told them that she had struck me. I don’t blame them though, the woman continued to spew profanity and even directed it at the police. I’m sure the cops wanted to get out of there just as fast as my family and I. Two days later, I took the vehicle to the shop and confirmed that the paint was fine and that some Paintless Dent Repair could fix this for under $100. Am I going to go after the mother for this damage on my vehicle? The answer is simple, No. Thanks to her son for stepping up and being an honest human being, I will forgive his mother for not wanting to see the truth. All I was looking for was Accountablity. I hope this woman can learn something from her children.”