Woman Maces Man After Laughing at Her

Wait for it!(at 3:25 mark)

Man said he was in a hurry at SA because his friend was waiting for him outside in an idling taxi cab. After getting sprayed in the face with mace, Rosenwinkel said he could barely see as he staggered out of the store and had to have his buddy help him up to his third-floor apartment. Though the pain had subsided by the next morning, his eyes remained puffy.
“I was happy the woman didn’t attack me after she [maced me],” Rosenwinkel said. “I wouldn’t have been able to defend myself. I’m happy she didn’t wop me in the head with her sack of muffins.”
Rosenwinkel still doesn’t know who the muffin macer is, though the SA clerk told him she’s a regular customer. Rosenwinkel talks about the muffin mace altercation and its aftermath with a light spirit and laughs, but it hasn’t all been fun and games. He says he used to be a regular at the so-called “Ghetto Spur” but now avoids the place because he doesn’t want to run into the muffin macer again .