Woman slaps a police officer

I could watch this all day…

Women talk about equal rights and love to hit guys.. Equal rights mean being hit back LOOOOOL Better question is why isnt she in the kitchen. Now this video is old (2010), but it did create a debate on sexism, and who was in the wrong.

Its in Romania. The teacher is accused of beating the students, and a cop came to arrest her. She seems to have gotten belligerent, and started boxing the cop in which led to this. Granted this is what little I could find on the incident. Hopefully it makes a good hypothetical for discussion.

Now I ask you Escapist, who was in the right? Some claim she shouldn’t have tried to take on a police officer, and shown restraint to never hit anyone in the first place. Some claim the police officer had no right to touch the woman at all . What do you think ?