Woman spits on wheelchair user’s face

What Would You Do?

An elderly woman was knocked to the ground after she allegedly spat in the face of a man in a wheelchair during a heated row on a bus . Footage shows the man’s girlfriend pushing the woman away from him – but as she does the woman spits in the man’s face. The girlfriend then angrily hits out in retaliation before knocking the pensioner into a seat and slapping her in the face – causing her to fall to the floor.

Transit Police are now looking for those involved in the incident near the New Westminster SkyTrain station.

Adeola told Canadian news outlet News 1130 that a row erupted after the elderly woman refused to let a man sit next to her on the 106 bus .

Adeola said: “She said no, that she didn’t want the guy to sit beside her, so they were fighting over a seat and a black guy in a wheelchair interfered.

“She was insulting the black guy and before anyone knew what was going on she spat on the black guy’s face.”

Adeola says once the elderly woman fell to the floor, she blocked the man in the wheelchair from getting off the bus, saying they needed to stay because someone is calling police. When everyone eventually got off the bus the elderly woman allegedly slapped and spat on the man in the wheelchair again before taking off. She says the man and woman weren’t seriously hurt.