Woman tries to drive off while being towed!

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A female motorist has been accused of savagely biting a recovery man after he arrived at her home to tow away her vehicle for repossession.

Lakeisha Smith, 29, from Spartanburg, South Carolina, flew into a rage on Sunday evening when Scott Fowler came to pick up her prized Cadillac Escalade, with part of the event caught on camera.

Cell phone-filmed footage shows her trying to drive the luxury SUV off the tow truck before manically smashing in all of the windows with a tire iron.

She then starts throwing the contents of the car, including papers stuffed in seat compartments, on to the ground.

However, the moment she allegedly bit tow truck driver, Scott Fowler, is not seen.

He told ABC News that he arrived at Ms Smith’s home at around 8pm, located the vehicle he had been ordered to collect by Auto Money Title Loans and loaded it up.

But as soon as he started securing it on his truck, Ms Smith ran out of her home and tried to stop him.

He eventually managed to escape the scene with the wrecked car in tow.

On Tuesday in court, Ms Smith faced charges of third-degree assault and battery for biting Mr Fowler.

However, she was released with a $2,100 personal recognizance bond as the judge ruled she was not a flight risk.

Mr Fowler, who still has the vehicle, told ABC News that he’s used to people ‘getting mad’ and issuing profanities but Ms Smith was one of the worse clients he’s dealt with.