Woman Yells Rape When A Man Walks Toward Her!

Damn! She’s a mental case

European Woman Yells RAPE, RAPE, RAPE As So Called African American Man Approaches Her To Ask Her Why Is She Watching Them With Binoculars As If We Are Criminals Causing Problems In The Neighborhood, When All We Were Doing Was Visiting Our Mother.

Honestly these madoows have lost all logic and mental reasoning : Number one factor he should consider is that this is an old lady who most likely does no posses her mental functions, in other words she is not normal and might be suffering from dementia. Yet this guy wants to turn it into race thing when it is really an old asaasaqdey lady. Lol america is starting to resemble ancient rome before its demise. Dont understand what im talking about, google how ancient rome fell. America is modern day rome, a country built on a foundation of racism.

Racism in america has to stop. We need to expose every racist on this earth. If we don’t then we will stay crippled and weak.