World’s Smallest Rifle Ever

And it’s fully-functioning!

Those of you who were growing up in the 90s definitely remember the “The Indian In The Cupboard” as a film that played an important role in everyone`s childhood. It was simply a magical story, an Indian action figure that becomes alive after being locked in an old wooden cupboard. Well, the video we have prepared for you today made us start this article the way we did it and also took us back in time. You are about to see why.

Anyway, in the recording below, you are going to see what`s probably the smallest rifle in the world! We don`t have additional information if it is officially the smallest, but according to what we saw that is more than enough! This footage lasts less than 90 seconds, but in it you will witness the assemblage of this tiny old-school shotgun and also the power of this miniature yet fierce shotgun!

Namely, after person in the video assembles it, he puts two mini bullets and grabs a pencil that would help him shoot (because it is virtually impossible to use this rifle with bare hands)! His target is an ordinary matchbook which was no more after this rifle fired the bullet! See it for yourself!