Worlds Most Feared Sniper Rifle

So now terroist will come running asking what the wifi password is

Another great idea for the US Military this new sniper rifle uses advanced technology to ensure the soldier to tomorrow will never miss his target. TrackingPoint is an Austin, Texas-based applied technology company that created the first precision guided firearm (PGF), a long-range rifle system.

TrackingPoint was formed by CEO John McHale in February 2011. The first PGF prototype was created in March 2011. The company officially launched a publicly available product in January 2013.
TrackingPoint’s precision guided firearms system uses several component technologies:

Networked Tracking Scope: The core engine that tracks the target, calculates range and the ballistic solution, and works in concert with the shooter and guided trigger to release the shot.Field Software Upgradeable: Software can be uploaded to the scope to add capability.
Heads Up Display (HUD): The HUD indicates range, wind, reticle, video storage gauge, zoom, and battery life, plus LRF icon, Wi-Fi on/off icon, compass icon, cant wheel, inclination wheels and off-screen indicators.
Recording: An integrated camera captures video and still images from the networked tracking scope and heads up display. Recorded images can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet from the scope and transmitted via email or social media.