You Want Beef Prank In The Hood!

Everybody was ready to fight for no reason

We all recall our school fights, the good ol’ fisticuffs, but what happens when a white boy goes into the hood and asks strangers if they want beef? For those of you who have been living under a rock, ‘beef’ is street slang for confrontation, and this guy certainly does a great job at it. If someone walks up to you in the hood and asks if you want beef, the immediate response is to engage in fisticuffs, the last thing you would expect is to actually get offered bovine product.

Big Daws goes around the hood with packages of ground beef duct taped to the inside of his shirt asking random people if they want beef in this “You Want Beef?” What’s interesting about this video is how nobody backs down in da ‘hood! So if you got beef, cook it, don’t bring it!